How is the daily Siam Lotto online lottery?

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In terms of online lottery betting services that are characterized by daily lottery, UFABET website will be based on Siam Lotto, which is a service provider in cooperation with UFABET for providing daily lottery betting service to customers, mainly lottery. Daily of UFABET หวยรายวันออนไลน์  or Siam Lotto is broadcast live every day from 2pm onwards. So from normal that Thai people like to play government lottery trying to play the daily lottery is considered exciting and fun no less and most importantly, live and draw prizes to see each other directly.

Daily lottery in UFABET and Siam Lotto, what is there to bet on?

Many people wonder if online lottery betting through the UFABET system is different from government lottery betting. In fact, there is almost no difference at all. Let’s see if Siam Lotto has a form of giving. How do you guess the results of the day?

Format of daily lottery Siam Lotto

As for the pattern of daily lottery draws of Siam Lotto, there are 3 formats.

6D means 6 digits.

3D means 3 digits.

2D means 2 digits

Daily Lottery Payout Rate Siam Lotto

3 upper digits 900 baht

3 lower numbers 225 baht

3 big tots 140 baht

2 upper digits 90 baht

2 lower numbers 90 baht

2 big ones, 15 baht

1 upper body / running on 3 baht

1 lower body / running lower 4 baht

Advantages of playing daily lottery

For the lottery it is a good daily solution, which is actually a form of daily lottery betting service. It comes from the government lottery but there is a slight difference. can be issued every day And here, customers can watch the live broadcast of the daily lottery results from Siam Lotto as well, where customers can bet or leave a bet and then go to play other forms of gambling on the website first and then around 2 p.m. onwards then came back to watch the live broadcast of the award file.

Daily lottery payout rate did not lose the underground lottery

Another advantage of playing the lottery daily it’s about the payout rate. The main payout rate starts at 900 baht per day, so each day Customers can come to win Or bet in the online lottery every day definitely not bored and may make customers like to play the daily lottery as their hearts and minds which if the prize comes up, it can receive big returns, not losing to the underground lottery or the government lottery Which the biggest prize is worth up to 500 times, how can you wait?

Register to play daily lottery with the UFABET website.

For customers who like daily lottery betting, one important thing is to choose an online betting site. With very high reliability, so if customers want to play daily lottery it is recommended to become a member of the UFABET website, which we provide online gambling websites and a comprehensive casino which has a deposit system and automatic withdrawal .The customer waited for a long time. So fast and very prompt customers, and there are also staffs to provide advice. You can also consult on how to play daily lottery.